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Music for Dancing

  • Dress
    Classes – Casual – jeans, shorts. Parties - We ask that you dress higher end of dressy casual, lower end of dressy. This is a social event and we want to look our best. It is a joy to see men in suits, jackets, tuxedos, but the reality is we are dancing, we are heated and we want to be comfortable.
  • Make-up Class Policy
    If you had a bad day, a slight headache, please try to come to class, as we build on the previous weeks material, and usually, once you get here, you forget what a bad day you had or the endorphins kick in to get rid of the headache. However, if you have a family emergency, business travel, 103 fever or you are in those first 2-3 days of a bad cold, do not come in. The first 2 levels are very structured. If you miss the 3rd class, you still want to come the fourth week. You will be a little discombobulated, but each week we review the previous week's patterns before moving into the current week's patterns. The 4th week of class is very important, that is where everything comes together. You have all the steps and it all begins to make sense. When a pattern is introduced, we take it apart and tell you about every aspect of the pattern, in subsequent weeks we just review the pattern, not teach it. We want you to fill in the gaps, so if you miss a class, come in the following month and make-up the class you missed.
  • Shoes
    Shoes are important, no rubber soled shoes, gym shoes, sling backs or open toed shoes. Leather bottom shoes, with a closed toe and as thin a sole as possible. Ballroom dance shoes are our choice of equipment. They have a suede bottom sole. The soles are thin; they allow us to slide on the floor when we need to slide and hug the floor when we need to hug. We do not expect the beginners to go out and purchase ballroom shoes, but when students get into 3rd level, their 5th month of dancing, we strongly encourage investing in a pair of dance shoes, by this time the student has made a small commitment, and they need the proper equipment to perform the dance more efficiently.
  • Food & Drinks
    We know what the floor is supposed to feel like with dance shoes, there are no surprises. However, when the shoes get wet, from spillage on the floor or people coming into the studio with wet shoes, this causes the foot to stick to the floor, so we ask that you bring your street shoes to class rather than wear them. No eating or drinking on the dance floor is allowed. We do however, allow food and drink in the sitting area at dances. Students over 21 are allowed to bring in their own beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages to the dances. The studio provides soft drinks, seltzer and club soda, and you may bring any snacks you wish.
Dance Lesson
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